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How to Deal with Decrease of Woman’s Body Condition during the Menstrual Period

It is important to understand that prior and during the menstrual period, durability of woman’s body will decrease due to hormonal influences which might causing illness.

It is reasonable because the production of the estrogen and progesterone hormones also decrease as the menstrual period occurs. It brings very significant changes in the woman’s body.

However, the actual decline in female hormones is a natural mechanism that occurs in a woman's body every month or more precisely towards the menstrual period as  the endometrial layer of the uterus ruptures

Not only susceptible to diseases caused by the virus, at the time of premenstrual or menstrual period, woman is also  prone to oral health disorders, especially oral thrush.

In order to maintain the body on fit condition, it is strongly recommended to always apply the pattern of healthy living, including the healthy food and eating patterns. Thus, at the time of menstrual period, the hormone changes will not significantly  affect the durability of woman’s bodyIntake of vitamin C can also increase the durability of the body naturally.

During menstrual period, the health of the reproductive organs should also be taken care of properly because at this time. the bacteria would have chance to get into the female reproductive organs.

It will be better to replace menstrual pads at least once every 4 (four) hours not only during taking shower. Do not wait for the blood has reached out the menstrual pads.

Be a healthy woman and always pay attention to your health and hygiene  at the time of the menstrual period.

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How to Deal with Decrease of Woman’s Body Condition during the Menstrual Period
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