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Beware of Heart Attack in Younger Ages

Recently,  the number of death case from heart is increasing. Some cases are happened among younger ages.

Why heart attack can cause mortality and why recently many cases experienced by those who are younger?

Heart attack happens if the blood stops flowing properly to the heart which causing injury to the heart’s muscle due to lack  of oxygenation. This occurs as coronary arteries that supplies blood to the heart are obstructed. The obstruction is caused by the “plaque” adheres on the coronary arteries’ wall, composed of deposition from fat and cholesterol.

Unfortunately, narrowing of the coronary arteries due to plaque formation is regardless the age of a person. Therefore,  narrowing of the blood vessels can occur to a young person if he/she has a risk factor so that it becomes more susceptible to heart attack.

A person having heart attack usually has sudden chest pain behind the breast bone, radiating to the left arm or left side of the neck. Other additional symptoms are shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting and sweating.

Risk Factors

There are two groups of risk factors related to heart disease, modified and non-modified risk factors. Modified risk factors related to life-style and bad habits, such as smoking, lack of exercise, obesity, high level of cholesterol, diabetes mellitus and stress. Modified risk factors are categorized as controllable, thus we can manage those risk factors by promoting  healthy lifestyle and early prevention such as having medical check-up regularly.

Non-modified risk factors are including genetic, age and gender. The magnitude of these factors in influencing the risk of heart disease is different in each person. Age factor is inevitable. As of a person’s age increased, the heart blood vessel tone will also be reduced. As for the gender factor turned out to be men are more susceptible heart blood vessel blockages than women because women have estrogen hormones that prevent constriction of the blood vessels.

High impact sports could be the trigger of  sudden heart attack

In many cases, often blockage in the blood vessels of the heart do not indicate the specific symptoms that many people unconscious if he/she had had a blockage.  If you already have heart which clogged blood vessels,  the heart performance can be compromised. Heavy exercise may give rise to the risk that is very dangerous because it can trigger a sudden heart attack.

Heavy sports requires the rapid blood flow as to make the heart work harder. At the time of blood clotting, when blood passes through the narrowed blood vessels,  blood flow rate is getting slower, meanwhile the sport/exercise requires a rapid flow of blood. This can trigger sudden heart attack.

To prevent a heart attack, we need to avoid risk factors. Promoting healthy lifestyle including healthy dietary habit, avoid smoking and alcohol, have regular exercise and medical check-up are some way to reduce the risk factors.

If you have diabetes mellitus  or high cholesterol level, it is recommended to do medical  efforts to minimize the risk of a heart attack. Please consult to your physician for proper  treatment.

Source:  website of PDGMI (Indonesian Society of Clinical Nutrition Specialist Doctors)